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Residential/Commercial Overhead Doors: How-to Articles
For your convenience, we have listed a collection of articles on how to maintain residential and commercial overhead doors below. Here you will find articles covering how to fix minor overhead door problems as well as maintaining your overhead door to prevent needed repairs. At Star Overhead Doors, we strive to help our customers have a pleasant experience with their overhead doors and avoid repairs. However, If you do have problems with your overhead door, gate or garage opener, or if you need a new overhead door installed, donít hesitate to call us anytime at 281-203-0601. Our certified technicians are on stand-by and would be more than happy to help.

How to Repair and Maintain Garage Door Tracks

If you’ve had your garage door for quite a few years now, or even if it’s fairly new but it isn’t working as it should be, there’s a decent change that the problem lays within the garage door tracks. By observing how the garage door moves (or doesn’t move), you should be able to easily deduce if the garage door tracks are the source of the problems. If the garage door opener seems to be opening properly, then the garage door tracks are probably the problem. It’s easy to repair garage door tracks, and even easier to maintain them so that you won’t need to repair them at all!

The main problem with garage door tracks is usually rust or debris that blocks the garage door from moving along the tracks smoothly. To maintain your garage door tracks, be sure to check the tracks and examine the whole tracks. If there is any debris or dirt on the tracks, use a cloth or paper towel to clean it out. Once your garage door tracks are cleaned properly, you will need to lubricate the tracks to ensure that the garage door opens and closes smoothly. There are many lubricants that will work well, and they are often available for a very small price at a local department or hardware store. A commonly used lubricant is WD-40.

If your garage door tracks are bent, it’s probably as a result of the garage door stopping abruptly from an object blocking the door from closing. The rails are probably bent out of place as a result. You can repair this yourself depending on how severe the bend is. In a controlled fashion, you can usually bend these parts of the track back to the proper alignment.

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