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Residential/Commercial Overhead Doors: How-to Articles
For your convenience, we have listed a collection of articles on how to maintain residential and commercial overhead doors below. Here you will find articles covering how to fix minor overhead door problems as well as maintaining your overhead door to prevent needed repairs. At Star Overhead Doors, we strive to help our customers have a pleasant experience with their overhead doors and avoid repairs. However, If you do have problems with your overhead door, gate or garage opener, or if you need a new overhead door installed, donít hesitate to call us anytime at 281-203-0601. Our certified technicians are on stand-by and would be more than happy to help.

Eight ways to replace garage door springs

Garage doors have extension springs and they run along both sides of the door. They are not the same as torsion springs that run along the front portion of the overhead door. Changing garage door extension springs is a relatively minor job.

As a homeowner, you should never attempt to replace garage door torsion springs. They are wound tight and under pressure. Contact a local garage door professional if you need to replace torsion springs.

To replace your garage door's extension springs, follow these steps.

1. Safeguard your garage door first

Unplug your garage door opener from power source before performing the following steps. Fully open your garage door and safeguard it using clamps. C-clamps, piece of lumber or locking pliers will work. Clamp the garage door just beneath the roller at the bottom on both sides of the door. Test to ascertain it is holding firmly. If using piece of lumber, keep the garage door open by placing the piece of lumber next to the roller tracks on all sides of the door.

2. Detach and remove broken spring

Be careful when removing the springs to the door. Detach the spring from the mounting points first before releasing the end that attaches to the cable. Inspect the pulley, cables and other parts to ascertain they are still in good condition before proceeding to the next step.

3. Buy the same spring from local hardware store or garage door manufacturer

Take the removed spring to your hardware retailer or overhead garage door wholesaler. It is important that you go with the spring you just removed to ensure you buy the right spring of identical size, diameter and wire gauge. Using the wrong spring could cause your garage door not to work properly. Confirm that the spring ends on the new springs are the same as the old spring you are replacing. Buy two springs and replace both on the same day. This helps balance the load on the springs.

4. Install the new garage door spring

Using the spring still attached to the other side of your garage door as sample, install the new garage door spring. Ensure you use the same measurement as the old spring when installing the new spring. The new spring should not stretch when the garage door is open and both door pulleys should not touch when the door is closed.

5. Attach the safety cable

Reattach the safety cable on the other side of the spring when you are done installing the spring. Be sure the spring is installed correctly to avoid damage to your garage door during use.

6. Replace the other garage door spring

Go to the other side of your garage door and following the steps above, remove and install the door spring. Use the spring you installed earlier as a guide for the second installation. Do not forget to reattach the safety cables when you complete the installation.

7. Remove support holding the garage door

Once you are certain the springs on both sides of the door and safety cables are installed and attached properly, remove the garage door support. How you do this will depend on the type of support you applied above; piece of lumber, C-clamps or locking pliers.

8. Using care, adjust the garage door springs as needed

Adjust your garage door as needed. When all necessary adjustments are complete, plug your garage door to the power source and test your door springs. Your garage door should function without problems if all steps above were completed properly.

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