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Residential/Commercial Overhead Doors: How-to Articles
For your convenience, we have listed a collection of articles on how to maintain residential and commercial overhead doors below. Here you will find articles covering how to fix minor overhead door problems as well as maintaining your overhead door to prevent needed repairs. At Star Overhead Doors, we strive to help our customers have a pleasant experience with their overhead doors and avoid repairs. However, If you do have problems with your overhead door, gate or garage opener, or if you need a new overhead door installed, donít hesitate to call us anytime at 281-203-0601. Our certified technicians are on stand-by and would be more than happy to help.

Difference of torsion and insulation springs in Garage Doors

Not all garage doors are alike. They may look alike on the outside, but the springs on standard garage doors can be very different. One of the most common garage door opening systems has torsion springs. Torsion springs are two tightly coiled springs in a shaft with barrels on each ends. The average life span of this type of garage door system is three to seven years. The lifespan is greatly decreased when extra weight is added.

So garage door components need to be changed regularly. It is much smarter and cost effective to have insulated garage doors. They will save energy and not let heat or cold air out of your home. This adds weight to the torsion system though, and may cause the springs to be replaced more often.

There are many websites were you can order garage door parts. You must know how to measure the springs to do the repairs yourself. You need to know the (1) length or the spring (2) wire size, (3) inside diameter, (4) spring wind, and (5) type of ends that your spring has, because some of them are different.

Once you know these five things, you can order your replacement springs from your local hardware store, or off the internet. You may even have a local handy man that will install the new garage door hardware for you, if youíve never done this type of thing before. There are also companies that will come in and replace your garage door hardware, saving you the time and trouble of measuring, and finding the replacement parts yourself.

Inspecting the springs and other equipment on your garage doors regularly can help you prevent major problems in the future, and insulating your existing garage doors can save lots of money by lowering your energy bills.

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